Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day from....Pan Am!

Right now i'm in love with the new show Pan Am - not only is it a fun story, but the fashion is amazing! Pencil skirts, pearls, winged eyeliner...oh my:) I couldn't help but want to post a Pan Am inspired outfit! Combine that with Valentines Day, and you come up with this look. It's pretty simple, but i think the dress speaks for itself. I'm wearing my usual pearl necklace and black ruffle pumps, and of course my floral Forever 21 dress. Hope ya'll like it!

The necklace is that same pearl one - this time i just looped it around twice to create a choker:)

Laura in a similar outfit:)

XOXO Jenny

P.S. For the record, i hate Valentine's Day;)