Friday, August 31, 2012

Wild West

Normally I don't indulge my inner cowgirl, but since i'm out in the "wild west" right now, i couldn't help it! For today's outfit, i took elements from the classic American wardrobe and mixed them with some more contemporary pieces to create a really fun look. The cowboy hat was actually passed down from my grandfather! Oh how i love vintage:)


peek-a-boo back dress | monteau los angeles | cowboy boots | vintage pastel bracelets | cowboy hat

Until next time cowboy..
XOXO Jenny

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Orange & Pearls

Funny story: A few days ago, my sister, mother, grandmother, and I went out for a shopping trip. My sister was trying to help my mom update her wardrobe, so she picked out some clothes for my mother to try on. One of the pieces she choose was a cotton blouse with bright orange trim, which the three other girls thought was the most ugly thing we'd ever seen! As a joke, i decided to try it on and see if i could make it "cute." I ended up liking it so much that i bought it for myself! Here i paired it with a vintage pearl necklace i recently picked up at a thrift store, my trusty high - waisted shorts, and my new favorite pair of chunky high heels.

high-waisted shorts [charlotte russe] orange - trim blouse [Valerie Bartinelli] chunky striped heels [Madden Girl] vintage faux pearl choker

These would be perfect for the Fourth of July!

Thrift store haul! I bought all of this for less than $10 and every piece has a story:)

XOXO Jenny