Friday, May 31, 2013

Hello Summer!

I'm so excited for summer 2013! During every school year, i make a "bucket list" with all the adventures i want to have that summer. When winter's getting me down, it's so fun to pull it out and remind myself what i have to look forward to. Scroll to the bottom of today's post to see mine, and maybe you'll be inspired to start your own!

Today's outfit is focused around my two favorite trends of summer 2013- ombre and circle skirts! Circle skirts are my current obsession- they're flattering for so many shapes and sizes, and with their fullness and high waist they create an elegant silhouette.  I'm currently in New Mexico, so i also styled the look around the Southwest.

New today, I will be posting makeup along with clothing brands. Enjoy, and perhaps you can wear a similar look as you  have  your own summer adventures!

Tip! Always apply lip balm before lipstick to keep lips moist and color even. My favorite is Burt's Bees beeswax lip balm.

ombre tie-front blouse | FOREVER21 | circle skirt | FOREVER21 | studded bag | Orange Caramel @ Papaya | suede heels | Black Poppy @ PacSun

RIMMEL Kate lipstick in 103 | wet n wild Mega Liner in black | MAYBELLINE Great Lash mascara in blackest black

My Summer 2013 Adventure List:
  • Give myself a makeover so i look totally different for a day to see how people interact with me (Goth Jenny anyone??)
  • Learn how to surf
  • Take a spontaneous road trip- no planning, maps, or cell phones allowed
  • Redo my room and fill it with inspiration
  • Learn how to sail a sailboat
  • Send letters to everyone that inspires me- Barbra Streisand, Kristin Chenoweth, Lea Michele...
  • Go on a proper picnic
  • Learn how to make sushi
  • Dig out my old easel and paints, find a beautiful place to set up, and pretend I'm an artist for a day
  • Learn how to make a real Italian cappuccino
  • Go to a drive- in movie
Don't forget to let me know what your favorite current trends are and post your summer bucket list in a comment!

XOXO Jenny

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lost in a Daydream

It happens every year....Valentine's Day! Whoopie. It may not be my favorite holiday, but no matter- it certainly deserves a blog post. So hit the "play" button on your favorite love song, and enjoy a romantic new outfit  The sunlight seemed to bathe everything in a kind of rose- colored aura today - like in a dream! I apologize for the average quality of the photos, my usual photographer is off at this silly thing called college.

This look was inspired partly by the special day, but also partly by the popular movie i just re-watched, 500 Days of Summer. Don't get me started on how much I love Zooey Deschanel! This movie's fashion is so interesting- Zooey wears lots of "old-fashioned," almost childish looks, but gives them a more mature update. It stands out from today's standard styling trends. Scroll to the bottom for some of my favorite outfits from the movie!

black skirt | B.C.B.G Paris | ruffled blouse | Cotton Express | chunky heels | FOREVER21 | DIY headscarf

Heart tights are a definite wardrobe necessity :D

500 Days of Summer!

One more day until the engagement rings ads, deliciously-fattening chocolates, and Nicholas Sparks movies disappear. I will survive!;)

XOXO Jenny

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mullets are back in style!

Yet again, its been months since my last post- school will do that to you! Today's outfit is a look i wore on vacation in Tybee Island, Georgia (the setting of Miley Cyrus's movie the Last Song!). Mullet skirts and dresses are super trendy right now, and may I just say that they are far more attractive then the hairstyle they're named after? I paired mine with my fabulous new pair of chunky black heels and my favorite thrift store jewelry. To get that tousled, beachy look, i let my hair air dry and used a small amount of FX Surf Head Extreme Texturizing Paste (apparently it creates "radical surf styles-" who knew!).

turquoise mullet skirt | TRAMP | white tee | OP |chunky heels | FOREVER21 | vintage jewelry

XOXO Jenny