Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lost in a Daydream

It happens every year....Valentine's Day! Whoopie. It may not be my favorite holiday, but no matter- it certainly deserves a blog post. So hit the "play" button on your favorite love song, and enjoy a romantic new outfit  The sunlight seemed to bathe everything in a kind of rose- colored aura today - like in a dream! I apologize for the average quality of the photos, my usual photographer is off at this silly thing called college.

This look was inspired partly by the special day, but also partly by the popular movie i just re-watched, 500 Days of Summer. Don't get me started on how much I love Zooey Deschanel! This movie's fashion is so interesting- Zooey wears lots of "old-fashioned," almost childish looks, but gives them a more mature update. It stands out from today's standard styling trends. Scroll to the bottom for some of my favorite outfits from the movie!

black skirt | B.C.B.G Paris | ruffled blouse | Cotton Express | chunky heels | FOREVER21 | DIY headscarf

Heart tights are a definite wardrobe necessity :D

500 Days of Summer!

One more day until the engagement rings ads, deliciously-fattening chocolates, and Nicholas Sparks movies disappear. I will survive!;)

XOXO Jenny