Thursday, December 29, 2011

Southern Style < 3

Yesterday i was lucky enough to visit Eden Gardens State Park, and OH MY GOSH! It was so beautiful! With a huge white - painted mansion, gorgeous gardens, a fountain, and plenty of Spanish moss, i felt like i had walked into a plantation of the old South. We arrived just as the sun was about to set, so the lighting was perfect: everything seemed to be frosted with glittering sunlight. Anyways, enough gushing and on to the photos!

Today i starting breaking out the Christmas presents - a rue21 striped tied shirt. Anyone have a name for this style?! Whatever it's called, i love it! I'm also wearing my usual Red Rivet jeans, and to top it off my absolute favorite pair of (my sister's) pumps! Skinny jeans + heels = perfection. Thanks to Christine for the photos, and also for letting me borrow her shoes!:)

A few photos i took on the grounds...

XOXO Jenny

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas in Paradise

First of all, MERRY CHRISTMAS! I had a wonderful time spending my day New Zealand - style with a game of touch rugby on the beach and lots of NZ cooking:) It seems like there always comes a time in a vacation when you're trying to decide what to wear and you realize that really all you have left is a random collection of clothes that are all pretty cute but don't go together at all. Today was that day. Anyways, since I didn't really plan on doing a photoshoot today, i just grabbed whatever was still clean (there's no time to do laundry when you're on vacation!) and headed out to the beach. Of course, once i got there it was just too pretty not to take any pictures! Here's to the beachy look:)

I'm wearing a Wet Seal levi jacket that i'm totally in love with - i wear it several times a week! It goes with everything, and it somehow manages to be made of denim and not look straight out of the nineties. Love:) I also have on cotton skirt that i bought over i NZ last Christmas which i paired with a simple white tee. All photo credit goes to my sister Christine!

XOXO Jenny

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sixteen Going on Seventeen

Today i turned seventeen! To celebrate I had a picnic on the beach and did some seaside shopping! Look out for a post about my Florida purchases soon:) For now, here are some pictures of today's outfit. I'm wearing a navy lace top from rue21 that i absolutely love. It's great because you can wear it in winter because it has long sleeves, but since it's made of lace its cool enough to wear in the summertime! I also have on my favorite jean shorts from Kohls and an adorable Claire's owl necklace. Owl's seem to quite the trend at the moment! For a bag, i'm sporting a bright turquoise XOXO purse. Lastly, i'm wearing my worn out Rocket Dog sandals that I've had for years; i just can't find anything good enough to replace them!

Here are a few favorites from our picnic.

Special thanks to the Perillos for the sunglasses, nail polish, and lip color. Ya'll are amazing - i felt like a movie star with those shades!:) Keep your eyes out for a shoot features the lovely Julia and Michela Perillo soon.

XOXO Jenny

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Fabulous in Florida!

Today's post features a LOT of pictures! I'm terrible about making decisions, and i just couldn't bare to cut any of these. They include a few of my favorite shots from my first couple of days on vacation in Florida, and a gorgeous shoot featuring my wonderful sister Christine! She's wearing a rue21 western - themed tee, Vigold dark - wash skinnies, and blue canvas sneakers from Urban Outfitters. Perfect for a day at the beach!:)

Favorite shot!

I'm in love with this shirt - it's over sized in such a cute way!

Because no beach post would be complete without a sea bird picture:)


XOXO Jenny

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What could be better than a poodle sweater?

Hey guys! As i'm sure you all know, i love love love fashion, music, and photography:) Lately i've been so inspired by fashion blogs like The Only Fashion Princess and The Sartorialist that i decided i might as well just make my own. Hope you like it! I plan on posting some of my music soon too:]

Without further first shoot! Today i'm wearing a dELiA*s poodle sweater, my favorite military - style faux leather boots, a black pencil skirt from Forever 21, a pair of ribbed rue21 leggings (i'm seeing a pattern here - must be because my birthday is coming up on the 21st!), and a vintage faux pearl necklace.

Notice the tiny copper buttons? 
All photos taken by moi (yay for camera timers!). If you liked this outfit, please hit "follow" and share it with your friends!

XOXO Jenny 

P.S. Did you notice the title rhymes? Oh. My. Gosh.:)