Friday, May 18, 2012

2 a.m. and i'm still awake writing a blog post...;)

First off: today's post is going to be SUPER DUPER short because it's 2:30 a.m., i'm leaving for Italy tomorrow (yay!!) and i haven't quite finihsed packing. However, it's been soo long since i posted that i really wanted to share these photos! Today I raided my sister's closet - I'm wearing her vintage Flying Tomato  skirt that i altered (now i'ts all mine!), Jay Jay's tank, and A - FREAKING -MAZING  high heeled charlotte russe boots. Also, I of course had to add my favorite vintage necklace and my silver ring. :) 

XOXO Jenny

P.S. Next time i'll be posting from Italy!! Expect lots of pictures - beaches, people, fashion, italian stuff, and...gelato! Mmmmmmm.

P.P.S. Blog title reference, just in case you didn't catch it:

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