Thursday, May 24, 2012

La Moda di Venezia

I've entered the land of fairytale towns, stunning vistas, and of course amazing food - Italy! It's more beautiful than i could have ever imagined. My first stop was Venice, so i thought i would post about Venetian fashion. Although Italy is still, of course, a westernized country, it's sense of style is surprisingly different from that of the states! A couple things that stood out to me:

  • Venetians love their denim! I always thought a denim jacket and jeans was the very epitome of bad 90's fashion, yet the people here pull it off quite well. The denim also tends to be on the lighter side and often is distressed. Skinny jeans and high top sneakers (or heals) is all the rage!
  • Scarves and leather jackets are very popular.
  • I noticed a definite trend in makeup. Often, women wear simple eye makeup with a bright lip color - it's quite stunning!
  • Hair is often worn naturally with little flat ironing or curling. Rather than looking unkempt, this style actually seems to fit well by offsetting the "preppier" clothing style.
  • Revelation by my sister: The US's hipsters are just Europeans stuck in the wrong country! Their ways of dressing, at least, are very similar.
Enough blabbing - Here are some photos from Venice!

A billboard at the airport. Just got off the plane and already loving the fashion!

It was difficult to get a very good picture, but i just love her outfit! Pirate pants anyone?

Natural hair and makeup + bright lipstick

Now that is a major hat!

Hot or not?
 And here's my Venice - inspired outfit! All photo credit goes to my lovely sister Christine.

Epic boots strike again

Venetian ring
Pinstripedskirt. [Jay Jay's] Leather jacket. [Forever 21] Charcoal leggings. [rue21]. Venetian scarf and ring.

Ta - ta for now! Next stop, Lake Como.


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