Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas in Paradise

First of all, MERRY CHRISTMAS! I had a wonderful time spending my day New Zealand - style with a game of touch rugby on the beach and lots of NZ cooking:) It seems like there always comes a time in a vacation when you're trying to decide what to wear and you realize that really all you have left is a random collection of clothes that are all pretty cute but don't go together at all. Today was that day. Anyways, since I didn't really plan on doing a photoshoot today, i just grabbed whatever was still clean (there's no time to do laundry when you're on vacation!) and headed out to the beach. Of course, once i got there it was just too pretty not to take any pictures! Here's to the beachy look:)

I'm wearing a Wet Seal levi jacket that i'm totally in love with - i wear it several times a week! It goes with everything, and it somehow manages to be made of denim and not look straight out of the nineties. Love:) I also have on cotton skirt that i bought over i NZ last Christmas which i paired with a simple white tee. All photo credit goes to my sister Christine!

XOXO Jenny

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