Thursday, December 29, 2011

Southern Style < 3

Yesterday i was lucky enough to visit Eden Gardens State Park, and OH MY GOSH! It was so beautiful! With a huge white - painted mansion, gorgeous gardens, a fountain, and plenty of Spanish moss, i felt like i had walked into a plantation of the old South. We arrived just as the sun was about to set, so the lighting was perfect: everything seemed to be frosted with glittering sunlight. Anyways, enough gushing and on to the photos!

Today i starting breaking out the Christmas presents - a rue21 striped tied shirt. Anyone have a name for this style?! Whatever it's called, i love it! I'm also wearing my usual Red Rivet jeans, and to top it off my absolute favorite pair of (my sister's) pumps! Skinny jeans + heels = perfection. Thanks to Christine for the photos, and also for letting me borrow her shoes!:)

A few photos i took on the grounds...

XOXO Jenny

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